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Tribal'Bengal the cattery.
We are located in the department of Indre (36) in the center of France.

Cattery Tribal'bengal is solely dedicated to the breeding Bengal breed
All our breeds we come from the 4 corners of the world, the USA, Russia, Spain, Australia, England, Canada and France.

My Bengals are tested FIV / FELV, HCM (yearly) and PKDef.
Our selection is very rigorous, our cattery is based on quality and not quantity.

We only work on the brown, snow and silver colored Bengal in seeking kittens with a very present type, a wild look, small ears and a pronounced chin, with the most incredible designs possible with very large rosettes closed contrasting black, silky dress sprinkled with gold; the glitter and athletic morphology.

Our priority is, above all, the well-being and comfort of our small panthers, Tribal'Bengal kittens are, above all, healthy and exceptional kittens.

Tribal'Bengal is an experienced cattery that ensures you selected Bengal cats that are reared in accordance with the race.

 We devote our time to the animals, to taking care of them 7/7 and 24h / 24, we have no holidays here. We are at the disposal of our Bengal cats all throughout the year.

This profession requires calm, courage, patience, professionalism and love for animals.

Come and share with us our greatest passion ... Bengal !!!

We hope you will enjoy your visit to our website ...

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